Saturday, 22 March 2014

Redefining Passion

When the word Passion is literally taken it can mean n number of things. But I would like to stress one of its kind

Each and every day I crave for bread omlette cheese and my day is not complete without thinking about it and having one – Is this Passion ? If so can anyone be passionate about bread omelette cheese ?

You wear earphones all day and listen to music and say you are passionate about music .. Really ?

Lets say we interview few people and ask them what is their passion or what are they passionate about

Garnab Noswamy – I will make others cry to the extent that they will forget how to cry.
Kalman Shan – Flexing my muscles man. Flaunting my body and growing each and every part of human body.
Hamran Ishmi - Arey of course kissing yaar. I can be without food but not kissing one (or many) all day  
Myself – Date with Gemma Watson
Somebody – Date with Bunny Leone! ( Wow that’s a date to be remembered)

 Some things remains a dream, so basically it’s a dream ..right and not passion. Some of the above things mentioned are being ridiculously followed so we can say they are being passionately  followed , but do these really stand for and do justice for the word “Passion” ?

How I would like to redefine Passion
Passion is something that basically starts with interest. This interest is kind of different. It not only benefits you but “many”. This interest becomes the root and slowly starts getting etched in our minds as constant thought process first. Then giving some shape to that interest by executing it and in turn if many are benefitted then I will say you are passionate about doing something.

When Infosys was at a good shape in the 90s it got an offer of getting sold for big stakes. All the board of directors thought their work had finally paid off and gave a nod to sell Infy. But NRN was the sole person to stand against it. His thoughts were passionate – he said to the board members that if the others are planning to sell Infy then he would buy out all of them even when he did not have that power to do that at that time. Why ? Realise that money was not the concern because there was a mammoth offer waiting for them already.  He visualized a bigger Infosys, he was so passionate that he wanted to expand it, give thousands of people jobs, contribute to our countries growth and make India a better place to live.And if we take the TATAs, their passion is now the bread and butter for tens of thousands of people across our country and it is definitely not an understatement to say they are part of Indian economy.

So ultimately apart from our own interests we have to be passionate about something which is selfless. Plant trees, Educate the uneducated, spread moral values, generate jobs, think big and think for the society. If you are doing something already then I would definitely say you are passionate about something and my sincere wishes for you for your endeavours.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Krishnaaa.... ! Raamaaaa.... ! Govindhaaaa.... !

One of the greatest epics that Indian mythology has produced is the Mahabharatha. It portrays every nook and corner of human character that still reflects in each and everyone of us. If we hear Mahabharatha apart from the valour of Arjuna and Bheema, the Dharma of Bheeshma, the friendship and generosity of Karna, the sacrifice by Gandhaari, the wicked Sakhuni and of course our Lord Krishna, the scene that instantly pops in our mind is Duchaadhana the brother of Duryodhana fiercely grabbing and removing the saree of Draupadi after the Pandavas losing their game of dice to the Kauravas. In a school, a teacher has planned to enact this scene for their stage drama. She selected two students Ramarajan and Kamarajan. Ramarajan plays Draupadi  and has been draped with Saree and Kamarajan is the fierce Duchaadhana. Kamarajan is bloody naughty from the time he has arrived in this world. So it makes sense right that the teacher has selected him for the character of Duchaadhana. So the teacher specifically warned Kamarajan that he should just act like he is removing the saree of Ramarajan and pull few meters of his saree. During the enact the Pandavas lost Draupadi in the game of dice and Duryodhana orders his beloved brother to drag Draupadi to the center stage and remove her clothes. The time has come and the scene of our Ramarajan and Kamarajan have arrived with grandeur. Our Draupadi  is in tears and is talking about the injustice happening but at the same time our Duchaadhana became too excited and started pulling Ramarajan's Saree. The thing is ... he didn't stop. Kamarajan became Duchaadhana and he started removing our Ramarajan's saree and did not even have a speck of thought that whether Ramarajan apart from his Saree wore something inside. If not he would been stripped naked or would have been standing with his undergarments in the stage in front of hundreds of people and will be screaming Krishna.... please help me without realising that his body parts are visible to the audience. But luckily our Draupadi was wearing shorts, so after our Duchaadhana with all his might stripped Ramarajan totally, he was standing in his shorts. Then our Draupadi screamed - "Ohhhh Krishnaaaaaaa, Govindaaaaaaaaaaaa pleaseee saaaave meee!!! even if you are not giving a Sareeee please atleastttt give me some Undergarmentsss or Shortsssssss oh Parandhaamaaaaa !!!

The audience roared with laughter and there was applause all around for the presence of mind that Ramarajan showed.

Kudos to Ramarajan our Tenali Raman.

PS : The Story is an hearsay and guess this actually happened. So the plot credit goes to wherever it happened, whoever was involved and whoever passed this on but here the writing credit entirely goes to me :)

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A very happy and prosperous New Year to everyone !

You guys won't believe this, my friends will definitely won't believe this. On Dec 31st till 11.30 pm I was actually working since some emergency task came up apart from my usual load ! Then I was heading to my home in my office cab thinking what could have possible gone right that day. Suddenly on seeing fireworks all along omr made me realise that am witnessing chennai's new year eve from my office cab. The cab drive which I thought will be a saddening one on a new year eve turned out to be an ultimate rejoice. At 00.30 Lb road was buzzing with traffic as if it was 10 o clock in the morning. The boys with their ridiculous bike speeds, Cars playing very loud music, strangers greeting strangers 'Haaapy New Year' ! Oh really good but the one which lifted my spirits - In Adyar bridge, A guy in a bike with his friend at his back directly rammed a metal road block and fell down. When the driver was lifting the bike three police men with their lattis sorrounded the guy and hit him like their lattis will break, his friend who fell down a few yards away on seeing this started running without having even a penny of thought that he should come to the rescue of his friend. A police man started chasing this guy but this person ran like Usain Bolt! not sure if both of them went together later. Then near Mylapore, never thought my own place mylapore will be rocking at midnight time. Group of twenty people drunk and the non drunk ones were doing kuthu shouting 'ho ho hoy oye' and  were at their paravasa nilay! I bet not all of them know each other and more and more guys seeing this joined and the shouting and dancing were at its peak. I saw how common man celebrates new year's eve and ofcourse the filthy rich celebrating in Out of the roof price ranged clubs. So doing a retrospection - when strangers greet strangers, when people sing, shout and dance together, all in all, apart from the overspeed and  drunk driving, and ofcourse the lathi charge (lol) all I saw was Unity and happiness among people. 

Way to go Chennai !

Wish you all a very happy New Year :)
May all our wishes come true.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

What Engineeers do !

Practically working on  oscillations ...

                                                    Testing inclined planes ...

                                    working on the laws of gravitation ...

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Project Manager Mr.Kumar - A Restroom Retrospection

I am just a trainee and it would have been nine months from the date of joining. Still I am in the process of deciphering the da vinci code of how to approach a project manager. When you see your manager in the corridor will he smile back when you smile at him ? Is it proper to talk to him with ease like an experienced person? Recently I heard from my cubicle neighbor that my manager is blessed with a baby boy. So I made up my mind to wish him whenever I get a chance since I did not have the guts to go meet him in person. And I got one. It was a rainy day and my bladder was restless and wanted to visit the restroom immediately. I wanted to finish one task so somehow I managed to sit in the desk for fifteen more minutes which was like waiting for fifteen years and finally my bladder screamed. So locking my computer I burst out of my cabin and rushed to the restroom as though I am in a Olympic walk race. When I entered inside there was Kumar! He was just walking out zipping up his pants and I almost said “Congrats Arvindh for the baby boy! “ but luckily my mouth did not. If I had told at that point of time then it would have been like congratulating the organ responsible for child birth instead of the person himself! Somehow I managed to wear a smile on my face and he smiled back at me and walked out. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

When Rama killed Ravana

During my childhood days I had a friend named Manu. Manu was an average student and he sucked big time in English grammar. At those times my mom used to think of herself as the author of Wren and Martin grammar book, so whenever my friends came to my house she will start asking questions on grammar. And one fine day Manu wanted to really learn English grammar from my mom. So after school hours he will go to his house, nicely dress and will come back to my house. My mom was delighted to have a new student that day and even though she was making poori masala she left it halfway and came to teach Manu.

Day 1
My mom : Ok Manu, lets start with active to passive voice.
Manu: Ok aunty
My mom: Most sentences will have a subject, a verb and an object Manu. In active voice the pattern remains the same and in passive voice the subject becomes the object and the object becomes the subject.
Manu: Ok aunty (oh my god, what is that smell which is poking my appetite)
My mom: Lets see an example, Shall we
Manu: Ok aunty (Is it poori masala)
My mom: Look at this example…Rama killed Ravana , which is the subject and which is the object ?
Manu: errr , aunty I think I am hungry… shall I go home, have something and come back?
My mom: No need to go home beta, aunty have made poori masala lets eat and may be we will continue the lessons tomorrow.

Day 2
My mom: “Rama killed Ravana” this is active voice Manu and the passive voice for this sentence is “Ravana was killed by Rama”. Now look at this, how will you change “Rama is going to kill Ravana” ?
Manu: Rama is waiting to kill Ravana ?
My mom: Remember Manu in passive voice the subject becomes the object and the object becomes the subject… here Rama is the subject and Ravana is the object..
Manu: ok, Ravana is being killed by Rama ?
My mom: No manu wrong, look at the sentence carefully and answer, the sentence is “Rama is going to kill Ravana”
Manu: errrrr, “Ravana is going to kill Rama ” ?
My mom: Oh my god, You should not change the meaning of the sentence Manu
Manu: Sorry aunty, ahh, err, hmm , “Rama is going somewhere to kill Ravana?”
My mom: Today’s tiffin is dosa, lets have it.
Manu: yaaayyyyy !

There was no day 3 or day 4. The lessons stopped and Manu is always weak in grammar. So when Rama killed Ravana, Rama killed Ravana and Ravana was killed by Rama. And if there are grammatical mistakes here, believe me even I hate grammar.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The happening place - At the park

     There is a park near my house. Just a ten minute walk from my home. I am visiting it from my childhood days. When I was young I used to go there to play badminton or cricket and I did not care what others was doing. But now I realized that it is the hot and happening place.
     Some days when I enter the park suddenly I will hear some roar from inside. For the first time, I was intrigued by this. Actually the roar was from a group of people standing in a circle and doing laughter therapy. They will shout like anything from the bottom of their belly and they will call this laughter. I mean how can people say it is laughter therapy when people actually don’t laugh. They were just screaming and scaring the hell out of other people. Does this laughter therapy really work?
     Then there is Mr.Enigma. He is one of the bunch who comes for a daily walk. But he is different. When most of us walk in clockwise direction he comes in the opposite one. He will be a man of forty to forty five. He always wears a half shirt mostly a plain colored one and a dark colored shorts preferably a bright red one. He tucks his shirt into his shorts and wears a leather belt. He wears his coolers also. He always has one radio or some mp3 player or his cell phone or something which is too loud. He keeps his loud speaker near his ears (everybody near can hear and am not sure why he is keeping near his ears) and always plays bollywood music. He walks at great speeds which no human can walk and when he passes you will feel that Tom cruise has just crossed you in his Ducati! 

     One day I even saw a calf  strolling. Two men walking in front of me tried to push the calf through the gate but the calf was too strong and didn’t budge. It came running back to the walkers path and looked at the men as if it is yelling at them like “hey if you morons can use the park then why can’t I ! ”   

to be continued ...